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Add and Manage Paths

Draw polylines to generate paths on your map.

Add paths

Draw polyline as path on the map
  1. Make sure that you are in Edit Mode. Click the Edit Mode button below the horizontal toolbar if you are not.
  2. Click the Add Map Paths button on the vertical toolbar.
  3. Click on the map to start drawing the line. You can click on the map at your desired locations to create different line segments. Right click on the map if you have done creating the path.

Follow this video tutorial for the add paths procedure.

Edit a path

  1. You can change the course of the path in the following ways.
    • Click the Select button on the vertical toolbar, and choose the path you want to change.
    • Expand the Map Paths Panel to the right hand side and select the path from the list.
  2. Anchor points are shown at the two ends and the mid-point of each line segment.
    • You can drag the corner anchor points to adjust the orientation and length of the line segment. Right click to delete the line segment.
    • You can click the mid-point anchor point to split the current line segment. This is useful in fine-tuning the overall path.

Path properties

You can change the properties of each path in the following ways.

  • Click the Select button on the vertical toolbar, and choose the map path you want to change.
  • Expand the Map Labels Panel to the right hand side and select the label from the list.

Here is the complete list of Path Properties.

Properties Description
Category ID Assign the map path to a category.
Name Name of the map path. The name will be shown in the List of Map Paths under the Map Paths Panel.
Color Change the color of the map path from the color palette.
Width Change the thickness of the path from the drop down menu.
Style Change to solid or dashed lines from the drop down menu.
Symbol Select symbol for Start and End point.
Link to Web Address Set the URL of the map path so that it would open the link when it is clicked. Enter your desired web address in the first box, and choose the target of the link in the second drop down menu. Here are the options:
  • New Window (_blank)
  • Same Frame (_self)
  • Parent Frame (_parent)
  • Root Frame (_top)
  • You may enter the name of the frame as the link target.
Show infobox Enter the content you want to display upon hovering the map path by the mouse pointer. Our infobox supports HTML content, so you can add formatted text, images, audios, videos and even forms to the infobox. Please ensure that your content is well-formed and syntactically correct to avoid any formatting or display issues.

If you are not familiar with coding, you could add infobox content using Rich Text Editor.
  • Select "Rich Text Editor"
  • Mouse click in the space below, and then an "Infobox Wizard" will be popped up
  • Select an infobox layout
  • Upload an image and edit the size of it
  • Enter and edit text content using tools in the menu bar
  • Click "OK" to complete the editing

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