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Install Map Templates


  1. Open the Install Map Template dialog via File > Install Map Package.
  2. There are two ways to install the map templates:
    • Install map templates from server:
      Copy the download link of the template from your registration email and paste to the box. All download links are valid for 7 days from your original purchase date, and you can get the download link again from our order tracking page.

    • Install map templates from template file:
      1. Save the template file onto your PC and take note of your saved location.
        Note: Please ensure that the extension of the file is .im5. Internet Explorer may accidentally save the template file as a ZIP archive. If that happens to you, please rename the file extension from .zip back to .im5.
      2. Click the folder icon to navigate to the location you have saved the template file.
  3. Enter your registration details to the dialog from your registration email. Please do not include any prevailing or trailing spaces or characters.
  4. You will see this message if the registration details are correct.

Remove watermark for map project

  1. Follow the steps above to install the registered map templates
  2. Open the map projects created by trial version
  3. Update map project via File > Update Map in Project
  4. Logo and watermarks will be removed from the project.

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