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Publish Your Map

  1. Use the Publish button on the horizontal toolbar.
  2. You will be prompted to save your published files on your PC. Please select your desired location in the Browse for Folder dialog, or choose Make New Folder if you want to publish files to a new folder. Click OK to continue.

    Save your map files to your desired location

  3. You will be greeted by the Publish dialog if the publish process is successful. In this dialog you can choose the following options: Publish dialog
    • Preview: Preview your published map files in your default browser by clicking the Fixed Size button for fixed size map or the Responsive button for responsive map
    • Published Folder: Click the link and open an Explorer window to show the folder the files you have published to.
    • Embed map to your existing webpages: This section provides the HTML code to embed your map on your web pages or blog. Please refer to the guides under Embed Map to Website/Blog/CMS in the table of contents for steps to copy the required HTML code to your desired location on your web pages, blogs or Content Management Systems.
    • Upload files to your server: This section provides the instructions of uploading the published map files onto your server.

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