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Embed Interactive Maps to GoDaddy

Follow the steps below to embed the interactive maps to GoDaddy Website Tonight.

  1. After creating the interactive Maps, publish the map project and then upload the map files to the server or web hosting.
  2. In the Publishing window, check the Use full path for the embed code and type the URL of the map has been saved (For example:
  3. Click the Copy to Clipboard to copy the map embed code.
  4. Login to the GoDaddy Website Tonight account and click Design Your Pages.
  5. Go to Properties then click JavaScript
  6. The Page Properties window will be displayed and then select the JavaScript tab.
  7. Paste the map embed code into the lower JavaScript box and then click Apply.
  8. Exit the window by clicking the x icon on the top right corner after adding the interactive map.
    * If you do not have a FTP hosting server, please try our Instant Sharing which can upload the map to our cloud server.

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