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Embedding HTML5 Maps to Weebly

Interactive HTML5 maps can be embedded to Weebly by following steps below.

Steps for embedding the HTML5 maps to Weebly:

  1. After creating the HTML5 Maps, publish the map project and then upload the map files to the server or web hosting.
  2. In the Publishing window, check the "Use full path for the embed code" and type the URL of the HTML5 map has been saved (For example:
  3. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the map embed code.
  4. Login to Weebly.
  5. Paste the map embed code from the HTML 5 map builder into the editor.
    * Remember the full path embed code is required
  6. Click "Publish" to finish the editing.

Detailed guides for adding custom HTML in Weebly can be seen at:

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