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Embed Map to SharePoint

Embedding your map to SharePoint is similar to that on normal websites, but you may check with your network administrator as SharePoint site is usually locked down. You will need:

  • FTP access to upload published map files on the SharePoint server.
  • Editing rights to put content (HTML content) on the SharePoint page.
  • Enable JavaScript on the page you want to insert the map.

When you have all the necessary access, please follow the steps below.

  1. After you have created the map, publish and upload the map to your server. Use the FTP credentials from your network administrator for the upload.
  2. Follow this guide from Microsoft to add an HTML gadget to your SharePoint page. Proceed up to Step 8 of that guide.
  3. In the Publishing dialog of iMapBuilder HTML5, click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the map embed code, and paste into the HTML gadget on your SharePoint page.
  4. Click OK to finish embedding, and you can preview the page.

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