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Toolbars in the iMapBuilder HTML5

After creating a new map project, two toolbars will be displayed in the editing panel.

New! Horizontal Toolbar

Starting from version v11.0, we organize the feature in a better way, we combine similar feature into tab and group similar function into blocks

Edit Tab

View Tab

Options Tab

Horizontal toolbar

Select icons in the horizontal toolbar to create a new map project, save and preview the map, publish the map & edit the map color theme.

Button Descriptions
Create a new project
Open a saved project
Open a recent project
Save the project
Save As
save the project as new project
Close the project
Refresh the map
Preview in browser
Preview the map in browsers
Publish the map
Map Color Theme
Select the map color theme
Pan and Zoom Settings
- Edit the User Interface (Home Button & Zoom Control)
- Edit the User Interaction (Map Draggable & ScrollWheel)
- Edit the Color Theme of the Pan & Zooming
Set Current View As Default
Set the current view as the map default view
Restore To Map Default View

Restore to the map default view
Heat Map Settings
- Enable the Heat Map function
- Edit the Heat Map settings
Bubble Chart Settings
- Enable Bubble Chart function
- Edit Bubble Chart settings
Pie Chart Settings
- Enable Pie Chart function
- Edit Pie Chart settings
Category Legend Settings
- Create Category Legend
- Edit Category Legend Settings
- Edit Background Color and Style of the Category Legend
Import Wizard
- Import or edit the Region Settings
- Import by addresses or zip codes in GMap Editor
Export Map as Image
Export map to different image formats
Share Interactive Map Instantly
- Upload the map to iMapBuilder cloud server
- Share the map by URL or embed code
- Current version of iMap Builder - Interactive HTML5 Map Builder
- Help Support
- Registration Details

Vertical Toolbar

You can add overlay by selecting the tools in the vertical toolbar.

Button Descriptions
Select / Drag an object
Click on regions and markers, and start editing
Add Markers
Add markers by pinpointing locations on the map
Add Markers by Cities
Add markers on major cities without entering latitude / longitude values
Add Map Labels
Add labels by pinpointing locations
Add Map Paths
Add paths by drawing polylines on the map
Interactive map - add curves Add Curves
Add curves on the map
Add Polygons
Add polygons to create clickable regions
Add Rectangles
Create clickable rectangles on the map
Add Map Legends
Create legends to describe the overlays

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