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Preview the Interactive HTML5 Map

You can preview your map to see how it would look in a web browser. As you keep working on a map project you may also want to refresh the preview area to see how your finished map will look.

  • Refresh the map
  • Preview the map
    You can preview the map in the HTML5 Map Builder or browser:
    Preview the Map in the Map Editor
    Preview the map in the map editor by clicking the Preview Mode button that on the top of the map, and select the sample layout (normal, left, center, right)
    iMapBuilder HTML5 Map Builder - Preview the HTML5 Map on Browser

    Preview the Map in Browser
    Preview the map in by clicking the View button in the menu bar and select Preview in browser, or clicking the Preview in browser button in the horizontal toolbar
    *HTML5 maps are supported by modern browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux and other other mobile devices. HTML5 maps can be displayed well in the up-to-date browers.
After preview the map, you can proceed to publish & upload the Map to the web server.

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