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Global Color Settings and Themes

HTML5 Map Region Properties - 0:30" Edit Region Color

You can apply unified normal and highlight colors for all regions, and change map background and border colors easily in one spot.

Global color settings for all regions

You can find the options of Global Color Settings just above the Region Properties Panel.
Global Color Settings


  • Background: Change the overall background color of the map from the color palette. To further customize background color and style, please refer to our Background Color and Style article under Map Properties Panel.


  • Normal: Change the normal state color of all regions from the color palette.
  • Highlight: Change the highlight color of all regions from the color palette. This is the color displayed when you hover the mouse pointer over a region.
  • Border: Change the border color between regions from the color palette.

Map color theme

We have included 12 map themes that you can apply directly onto your map project without the need to specify individual colors. Please click the Map Color Theme button on the horizontal toolbar Map Color Theme Button to open the setting dialog below.

Choose map color theme

You can tick the checkbox Set selected theme as default to set your chosen theme as the default theme for other new projects.

All color settings are overwritten after applying a theme, which includes any normal and highlight colors for each region. You may re-apply any custom color settings per region after applying a theme.

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