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Upload Map Files to Your Server

Please follow the instructions below to set up the FTP connection to your server and upload your files. Then you can embed the map on your web pages or blog, or directly browse the map from the link given in the upload dialog.

  1. You have to publish your project before uploading. Please refer to the topic publish your project.
  2. In Publish dialog, please click the FTP Settings button under on right side to set up your FTP connection.

    Publish Dialog

  3. The FTP Settings dialog comes up.

    Configure FTP Settings

    • Note: We only support standard ftp connection, if your hosting required secure ftp connection like sftp or ftps, you may need to upload manually using 3rd party ftp client.
    • FTP Host: The FTP address on your server. You do not need to enter http:// or ftp:// part to this box.
    • Login, password: Refer to your the web hosting account information.
    • Test Connection: A connection is initiated to your server with your filled credentials, and the result is displayed under Test Connection Result section of the dialog. You may re-enter the login name and password if the test result is Login Incorrect.
    • Host Directory: The default folder on your server to store files. Common examples are public_html, htdocs or www. Refer to the documentation from your web hosting or webmaster for it, or leave it blank if you are not familiar to it.
    • Transfer Mode: Normally you can leave it as Passive, but you may change this to Active if you find your connection fails even your login name and password are correct.
    • FTP Port: The default value is 21.
  4. Press the Test Connection button to see if a connection is made successfully. If not, please check if the details entered in the boxes are correct.

    Test Server Connection

  5. Click the Upload button in the Publish dialog to start uploading the published map files.
  6. In the Publish to FTP dialog, you can see your published map files on your PC in the Local box. The Remote box shows the files and folders present in the Host Directory of your server.

    Publish to FTP Dialog

  7. You can use the following buttons to navigate the folders on your server:
    • Double click the folders to go into it.
    • Use the Create Directory button in the middle right and enter the name of the folder to create a new folder on your server.
    • Use the Up One Level button to go back to the previous folder on your server.
    • Use the Refresh button to view list the latest files and folders at your current location.
  8. When you have finished locating your desired folder on your server, click the Upload button to proceed. A progress bar shows your upload process. Please note that files bearing the same name on your server are overwritten during upload. You can select another folder or create a new folder to upload your files if you do not want to overwrite any existing files.
  9. Once the upload finishes, the possible URL of the map will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog. Click on the links to view maps in your default web browser. If the path is not correct, you can click the Click Here link to change the URL of the map.

  10. You are now ready to view the map through the link showing, or embed the map to your web pages or blogs.

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