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World Map with Key

The 10 most visited countries in 2012 are listed in this interactive world map. You can hover the markers for more informations, and better plan your next vacation.

This interactive world map is created by iMapBuilder software. Detailed information can be shown by simply inserting infoboxes to Regions.

How to make a map with key:

  • Add legend on map
    The map legend helps visitors to read what elements in the map are representing effectively. On above sample it indicates the rank for each color used.

  • Assign hyperlinks to a map for navigation use
    You probably have seen websites use maps as a portal for selecting languages or countries. You can also achieve it by simply pasting URL in region properties.

  • Insert infobox
    Infobox, along with text content, images and videos, can be added to the regions. After the editing, infobox will be shown when mouseover.

Try it out! A map with legend ease the process of understanding.