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Hotel Map Showing Distribution

The Heat Map is used to present the hotels distribution in California. Regions in darker colors contain more hotels, and most of the hotels are located in Los Angeles. You can now easily create heat map with iMapBuilder Choropleth Map Maker

Two types of Heat Map (Continuous Color / Discrete Range Color) can be created in the iMapBuilder map software for presenting statistics geographically.

Features in Heat Map

  • Import Heat Map value from Excel files / database
    Import heat value from Excel files / database for largely reducing the time and guarantee the accuracy of the data. Data can be imported from Excel files in the Region Settings panel.

  • Heat Map in progressing color
    Heat Map in continuous color is used to present trend of data's variation; while discrete range color is used to obviously present data in various range. This heat map is created in continuous color for showcasing the big differences between the city with the most and the least hotels in California.

  • Insert infobox to regions
    Infobox and hyperlink can be inserted to the regions. In the sample heat map, infobox with a YouTube video is inserted to Los Angeles for detailed introduction.

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