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Choropleth Map Visualizing Avian Influenza Cases

A Choropleth map can better present the statistic geographically, and readers can have an instant image and concept of the map. The map example created for displays the distribution of bird flu H7N9 in China.

With these functions you can visualize data over a geographic area:

  • Create Heat Map in Discrete Range Color
    Heat Map with multiple colors can be created by choosing the type of discrete range color. After importing the heat value, you can assign colors to specific value range.

  • Create Map Legend
    Create Map Legend for illustrating the heat value for the color progression.

  • Insert infobox for providing information
    Infobox can be added to each region for providing details. Various content types (e.g. text, images, videos) can be inserted to associate with the map theme.

  • Customized infobox style
    Infobox style (e.g. color, ,size, font style) can be customized to suit the map / company's image

  • Add labels for annotation
    Labels can be added for annotation or as a map title. Extra information or company name can also be added on the map.

  • Set default map view
    Zooming and draggable functions can be disabled in order to preserve the default map view, and keep presentation consistency of the interactive map.

Convert your geographical data into a choropleth map. Try it free!