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Real Estate SVG Mapping System

There is an increasing demand from realtors, landlords and real estate developers looking for maps. Realtors need maps to show the properties they are on sale. Landlords and real estate developers need maps to show their site plans, and provide information whether the land lots, houses or apartments are available.

These maps provide an intuitive and easy interface for potential buyers to look for suitable properties or houses. Buyers use these maps to match and compare different properties. The sales are always kept up-to-date to show the latest price and availability. They can even check with those sold units to know more about their prices.

If such a real estate system could bring so many benefits, how could we bring along the geographical details of site plans with live data?

Below is a mockup of a SVG mapping portal for a real estate project. The aim of this portal is to:

  • display different site plans of the real estate developments
  • show the availability of the houses/land lots and their information
  • the resulting site plans can be viewed on both PC and mobile devices
Real Estate SVG Mapping System

The portal allows users to manipulate their site plans as follows:

  1. Users upload SVG files of the site plan to the system.
  2. The system can parse the SVG objects (houses or land lots) and extract the regions to store in a database
  3. The map displays in the map editor, which allows users to modify the parsed objects and create new ones.
  4. Users can define the attributes/details to be associated with the objects (houses or land lots) on the map, so that each map is unique in terms of the details shown.
  5. Users can assign the actions associated with each object, such as hovering to show details or clicking to open a web page.
  6. Users can set the availability of the objects by assigning colors to the whole or part of the houses or the land lots.
  7. Users can preview and save the map. The saved map can be accessed by a unique URL.

SVG is part of HTML5 standard and supports every modern browsers on PC and mobile devices. As the name implies, SVG is a vector format and graphics can be zoomed in or out without losing details or clarity. Popular GIS software can export site plans or floor plans in SVG files, and these files can be imported into our system for annotations and binding of data.

A real estate mapping system is not only useful for realtors, landlords or real estate developers. A system like this can also be used by property management firms to show contact details of owners or tenants. It can also hook up with security systems to monitor each property. If there is a security breach, an alert can be displayed on the map to quickly pinpoint the site of incidence.

If you are interested to create mapping system based on site or floor plans, please feel free to contact us with your project details.