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Art Gallery Exhibition Interactive Map

Regions can be grouped and highlighted in different colors to display different status in that regions. For example, you can group different states of United States together and create a 5 regions US map. In this sample, regions are grouped with different colors to display the exhibition status: Permanent exhibition with studio, current exhibition, future exhibition or past exhibition.

Group Highlight Functions

  • Present regions in different categories
    You can assign regions into different groups according to the natures, locations features etc. and categorized the regions. Information can be directly presented as related regions will be highlighted when one of them was being mouseover.

  • Change the regions colors
    It is better to edit the regions colors to classify regions in the same group. In the art gallery exhibition map, both region colors and highlight (mouseover) colors can be edited in the Region Properties panel.

  • Add markers
    Overlays (e.g. markers or labels) can be added for pinpointing the specific regions. In Art Gallery Exhibitions Map, marker that with the labels and infobox is added to highlight the headquarter of the art gallery in Amsterdam.

  • Enable Regions Abbreviation
    Regions abbreviations can be added on the map automatically by just clicking a button that avoid wasting time on adding labels manually.

Feel free to try it out for grouping of states in a map.