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HTML5 Floor Plan Map

Floor plans are essential for real estate business as it shows how each floor of the building is configured, how rooms are placed and the cost that can be rent or sold. It is also the perfect tool for show planners for exhibition venues to see the booth availability, and even office in office to determine which room or facility have high occupancy or usage.

Interactive Floor Plan Map

We can also create tailored floor plan systems in HTML5 with the following features:

  • Import your floor plans to create plan templates for interactivity.
  • Add points and draw polygons over the plans to annotate the rooms, booths, spaces and physical objects.
  • Information boxes to reveal details of each object.
  • Interactive & annotated floor plans can be published as standalone plans or embedded into web pages.
  • Database connectivity to drive dynamic information on floor plans.

Try iiCreator Free to make your floor plan becomes interactive.