Embed map into Blogger or BlogSpot

If you wish to embed interactive map to Blogger or BlogSpot, try iMapBuilder map making software.

Tips: In case you don't have a web host, we suggest you to try iMapBuilder online - which is the web based version, therefore you can get rid of handling files or folders in FTP. For the steps of embedding maps created by iMapBuilder online into Blogger or BlogSpot, click here.

  1. After you have created your own map, please click the Publish button to publish and upload the map to your server. For details, please visit here.
  2. In Publishing Window, check 'Use Full path for the embed code and enter the URL where the /imapbuilder/ folder is saved. For example, http://www.example.com. Click copy to clipboard button.

  3. Login to your Blogger/ Blogspot. Go to Edit Posts.

  4. Click Edit to enter the edit panel.

    enter the edit panel of blogger

  5.  With the Edit HTML tab pressed, paste your embed code generated by iMapBuilder. Eliminate all space within the code, here is an example ( replace http://www.example.com/ with your own domain):
    Click 'Publish Post' button.

    paste the embed code of map into blogger

  6. You will see a message 'Your blog post published successfully!'. Click View Post to continue.

    successfully post in blogger

  7. The interactive map is now embedded into the Blogger.

    interactive map is now inserted into blogger