Create a clickable map

Create interactive map is easy using the iMapBuilder Software . You can save settings to a project for future modification . We will introduce how to create a clickable map and further explain how to tweak or modify other attributes in subsequent topics.

a) Using the Wizard

  1. The open project wizard shows when software starts.
  2. In the select map screen, you may start with:
    • flash maps;
    • latitude and longitude maps; or
    • Import your own map image (GIF/ JPG/ PNG) / shapefile.

    create a clickable map
    Note: Maps with a tick symbol are those you purchased or included in your package.
  3. Select a map on the left. Maps are grouped by category in the dropdown list.
  4. Note: The default filename extension of a saved project file is *.fmp and by default is saved to the Project folder.