Software features of iMapBuilder

(Flash Edition)

Create useful and professional Flash maps for your website, blogs, presentations, reports and more from bundled map templates that covers the whole world.

Create and Publish a Flash Map

iMapBuilder for Windows let you create useful yet stunning Flash maps from our wide range of map templates in just minutes.

You can change colors of the countries and regions, add information boxes with your content, add pinpoints and shapes to denote locations and areas, then export and embed the map on website, blogs, presentations, reports and more. Displaying geographical information, facts and figures interactively becomes an easy task.


Feature at a Glance

  • Hundreds of map templates bundled, or you can import your map image or shapefiles.
  • Customize the color of the regions and borders to match your desired look and feel.
  • Transition and fade out effects.
  • Add pinpoints, and some maps supports locations by longitude and latitude values.
  • Import major cities on your map.
  • Create straight lines or curves to denote paths or routes.
  • Group and highlight regions, or create your own set of shapes.
  • Generate heat map to visualize your data.
  • Use category legends as layers to toggle the visibility of your pins and shapes.
  • Embed your map easily on websites.
  • Export the map as images for presentations and reports.

Why iMapBuilder for Windows is Your Choice of Map Software?

Wide Selection of Map Templates

No matter you need a global map to present your sales and business strategy, a statewide map with your store locations, or a map of your trip in your school presentation, a suitable map template is right there in our library. You can even import your own map images or shapefiles, adding annotations to become a directional map can never be easier.

wide selection of maps

Draw, Plot, and Make Your Own Maps

iMapBuilder for Windows packed with different tools to create intuitive and interactive maps. There are polygon tools to map out sale regions or mark out different booths on an exhibition map, and there are pinpoint tools to add your sightseeing locations manually, or through importing function to get major cities onto the map. Creating travel map is straightforward with the path creating tools to cover your route in the air.

geo maps with lat/ long support add markers

Embed Your Map Anywhere

Your annotated map can be placed on any web pages, or in blogs/CMS like WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla, and even SharePoint. You can even export the map as images to capture the essence to PowerPoint presentations, reports and other publications.

export map as image embed map to website

Discover how iMapBuilder for Windows helps creating attractive maps today.
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