Create your own map icon and insert to interactive maps


If you have Adobe Flash Knowledge, you can create your own marker icon and add to your interactive map.

Step 1:

Download a sample file from here.

Step 2:

You can follow the format [2] of the sample and create your own icon graphic.

Step 3:

Compile to swf format and rename a unique filename (different from our existing one)

Step 4:

In software > select icon interface,
click the Import Icons button [1], locate your file,
then you can browse & select icon in category - User Defined Icon.

Step 5:

Start / restart software and create / select a point, you should find your icon in the selection screen.

Please Note:

[1] In SWF, JPG, GIF or PNG formats.

[2] Make sure your graphics' center point stay at position( 0.0 ) of the stage, then the icon can rotate correctly.