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How to insert map in PowerPoint slide

Sometimes you may need to insert an interactive map or a vector map into a PowerPoint slide,
there are two ways to achieve it.

a) Take a screen capture (print screen) for your map & insert as static image;
b) Add a Shockwave Flash ActiveX control to load an interactive Flash map created using iMap Online.

* It requires Shockwave Flash to be installed & internet connection for option (b).

Note: You may also try our iMapBuilder HTML5 version which can create responsive maps to be viewed in mobile and tablet devices. Click here to see how to embed interactive maps into powerpoint slide


a) Steps for adding a Map as Static Image to a PowerPoint Slide

Windows Users
You can simply use the 'Print Screen' button to do the screen capture

For Windows Vista / Windows 7 users, you can also use Snipping Tool (A build-in software) to cut image easily.

For further information about snipping tool in windows, please visit:

Mac Users
"Command+Shift+4" and click to pull the mouse to select the area you want to capture. The image will then be captured directly in the desktop.
- OR -
"Command+Shift+3" can capture the whole screen.
For further information about Mac Shortcuts, please visit their support page:

(You may need paste it in an image editor & save as a file first.)
Then you can insert image to your slide.

Note: If you want to capture the image without the zoom button, you can Switch it off temporary. Please find the option in the "Map Properties" > "General" > "Allow Zoom" on the right side.


b) Steps for embedding an Interactive Flash Map into a PowerPoint Slide

embed interactive maps into PowerPoint Slide

  1. Create an account of iMapBuilder Online (Map Software & Image Mapping Tool) at:

  2. Select Map Type "Interactive Flash Map" from Start Wizard.

  3. Save & Publish to get the embed link, e.g.:
    publish map to get embed link

  4. Open PowerPoint and add a Shockwave Flash Object.

    There are different PowerPoint versions, and you may refer to the steps on this Microsoft Knowledge Base to add the Shockwave Flash Object to your presentation.

    Adding the object is not supported for PowerPoint Viewer and any versions of PowerPoint for Mac. For PowerPoint 2010 (64-bit), you have to install 64-bit version of Flash Player from Adobe.

  5. Go to properties and in the movie field add:
    ( * Since SEP 2012, new maps would include a protection code by default,
    while old projects are optional to enable it at the publish screen. )

    Replace 21305 with your map value & also insert the long protection code of your project.
    You can download the PowerPoint sample below to inspect: (for projects with protection code)

    ( For old projects without protection code, please fill in the followings to the movie field : )
    Replace 17702 with the digits of your embed link.
    You can download the PowerPoint sample below to inspect: (for projects without protection code)


Download Adobe Flash Player plug-in if you don't have it yet:

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