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How to insert map in Drupal

iMapBuilder Online provides the link to the map that could be shared. Also you can embed the map to your web page. Here is the instruction to embed map into Drupal:

  1. Click publish button, the sharing link and embed code shows.

  2. Copy the embed code.

  3. Login Drupal admin panel. At the top of your menu, you'll find a link called "create content". Click this link and you'll see two pre configured content types enabled by default, 'Page' and Story'. Click the content type you want to create.

    click create content of drupal

  4.  Fill in the Title and content. Click Input format.

    fill in title and content of drupal

  5. Select 'Full HTML' in the Input Type.

    select full html in input type

  6. Paste the embed code of interactive map in the body field. Delete <!-- Begin iMapbuilder Code--> and <!-- End iMapbuilder Code-->

    Paste the embed code of interactive map in the body field

  7. Click Save. The interactive map is now inserted into your Drupal page.

    inserted interactive map into Drupal page