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Latitude & Longitude coordinates
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Plot points on a map using latitude and longitude coordinates

iMapBuilder offer maps support adding locations using Latitude and Longitude coordinates, which is suitable for pinpointing city locations, displaying branch offices across the regions, or showing an absolute location of a particular place. It allows you to import data from an Excel spreadsheet file.

1. Select a map template that supports Lat / Long to get started.

2. Click "Import" button from Toolbar, click "Points".

import points, placemarks, locations to map

3. Click "Import File" button and click "Browse" to load your data file.
The supported data file is in Unicode text format (.txt), you can find this format in Excel.
You may also download the sample file as a reference.

import data, load datafile

4. Click "Delete" to remove unwanted item or click "Apply" button to proceed.

bulk import data for map using latitude and longitude coordinates, points, placemarks

Major columns of data file

Column Description Sample
category ID For markers filter - controlling visibility by category 0
scale Icon size in percentage, ranges from 1 to 300. 100
latitude You are required to convert into decimal degree format first.

Range from 90 to -90 where N is positive and S is negative.
Range from -180 to 180 where W is negative and E is positive
icon   bulb-yellow
font color   000000
mouseover description The description text for the mouse over tooltip.  
mouseover width   250
mouseover image src
mouseover image x   150
mouseover image y   150
mouseover background   FF33CC
mouseover anchor The anchor position of infobox, Value 1-9 where 1 for top left and 9 for bottom right
mouse click link The URL Address when mouse click the marker
mouse click URL target The target for the URL Address, For example, _blank for new window, _self for same tab _blank
mouse click image Src
mouse click image link