1. When adding text under the Points and Lines option, how can I edit the font style?

    Please click buttons next to the text field to manage font styles.

  2. How can I import my own marker icon to the software?

    If you have Adobe Flash knowledge, you can create your own icons and put into the folder "icon" where you install the software. You need to configure the stage size of the icon to match the icon size and it should only contain graphic but no any ActionScript. After you restart the software, you should be able to select the it from the icon list.
  3. How can I add tooltips or infobox to the map?

    You can click on points and lines button at the top of the screen to add tooltips or infobox. Please find details here.
  4. I just need the link on the map to open a small popup window, is it possible?

    Yes, you need the JavaScript to call a popup window with specific size.

    For example: javascript:void(window.open('http://www.example.com',null,'width=800,height=600')); to the link field.

    Because of using javascript, you must empty the target field by choosing same window options.
  5. We are using the grouping regions feature. We'd like a single pop-up to display with information.

    iMapBuilder has group highlight feature which allows user to group regions together and apply the same color settings. When viewers rollover a region, other regions belonging to the same group will also be highlighted at the same time.

    If you need regions of a group to show the same information, you can switch to grid edit mode under the Countries Setting tab and then paste the data in the table or you can also export/ import from Unicode Text (.txt).
  6. What are the differences between iMapBuilder for Windows and Online?

    iMapBuilder (for Windows) install the software and save projects in your PC locally. Once the map is published, the files should be uploaded to your own web server for viewing.

    iMapBuilder Online is a web based application. There is no installation required. You use it directly in your web browser, all files are stored on our server. To publish the map, you simply paste a few lines of code to your web page, no file uploading is required.

    iMapBuilder for Windows is suitable for those who have web server for hosting files. iMapBuilder Online is easier to use if you have no FTP experience, or have no server to host files.

    You can click here to view more about the differences between two version.
  7. Does your software support the ability to drill down into maps?

    You can create multiple projects, one for the main view and one for the drill down view of the region you want. Then connect two pages with hyperlink(s) in region settings.

    For the steps of building drill down maps, please refer to here.

    You may also consider our iMapBuilder Online, which allows you to click and drill down until the street map is reached.
  8. Is there a search option? I want to create a floor plan of my office and be able to search for an employee and then show where their cube / office is.

    Customization is required if you need a search function on your maps, and most likely your employee information has to be stored in a database.
  9. Can I map out locations by address and label them by name? Also, can I add all cities to the map?

    If you need to map out addresses, we would suggest using our iMapBuilder Online. You may sign up a trial account and see if that works for you. It is possible to create a map based on Google Maps to show your locations and points of interests.
  10. My title is too long, can I break the it into two (or multiple) lines?

    You can use <br> tags to insert a line break.
  11. Can I write Arabic Language in the maps?

    Yes. We made a brief test using font face Tahoma, it works fine in iMapBuilder.

    You may set the pinpoint label position as 'Left' to suit Arabic language. Please read our user guide here.
  12. Can I change map icon / marker size?

    For icons included with our software package, you may adjust their size & angle of rotation,
    but you cannot change size for those custom image icons.
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