1. Why the imported map image crop after import, is there any limit to the size?

    Yes, because of Adobe Flash stage size limit, the imported image should be limited to within 2880 x 2880 px, you may use 3rd party image editor to resize or crop it to within 2880 x 2880 px.
  2. Can I use Google map image and edit in iMapBuilder?

    Yes, Google grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access the Google Maps according to the Terms. For details please refer to Google Maps/ Earth Terms of Service
  3. Can I purchase map templates separately?

    Yes you can purchase a single map template individually, with the option to purchase the iMapBuilder software as a bundle. Please find details here.
  4. Can I purchase US county map templates separately?

    Yes, you can purchase either a county map template individually, or purchase package which includes county maps of all 50 states. Please find details here.
  5. I will be the only person creating maps using iMapBuilder, and only our intranet users will be using the maps that are created. What product license do I need to purchase?

    As you are the only person creating maps, the Single User License is suitable for you. If you need to install the software on multiple machines or display the maps on more than 1 website, you may then consider the Site or Corporate License. Please find details here.
  6. Apart from using those ready-made map templates offered by your software, is it possible to create other map types such as campus and congressional districts map? How can I show the stores available for rent?

    Yes. The easiest way for you to do this is using Import Custom Map Image function in the software, which allows users to import any map image in JPG/ PNG/ GIF format. You can then use iMapBuilder to add points, mouse rollover functions to locate the stores and make it interactive.

    You can also try our iiCreator to create responsive maps with mobile compatibility.
  7. Why I cannot add more than 8 overlay objects (e.g. markers)?

    There is a limitation on free trial version. Please register that it would allows to create maps without watermarks.
  8. I would like to use the longitude/ latitude maps, which package should I purchase?

    iMapBuilder has several longitude / latitude map templates, such as World Countries, United States and Europe maps. All maps can be purchased individually at here while the World Countries map is also included in Studio pack.

    You can also try our iMapBuilder HTML5, almost all map templates are geographically accurate and support longitude and latitude, click here to download
  9. If I buy the iMapBuilder, can I easily add the Google Map layer?

    iMapBuilder (for windows) can import Google Map as static image. For example, you would have to export Google Map as a JPG / PNG file first, then import into iMapBuilder.
    If you need the full functions of Google Map with customize options, you can consider iMapBuilder Online. After you login, you will see a Google Map Editor, which allows you to easily create a Google Map, and then add interactive points and locations.
  10. Is it possible to import data into the map ?

    You can use the Lat/ Long supported maps to import lcoations using the datafile, you may need to have the lat/ long information or you need to convert your address into lat/long. For details please refer to here.
  11. Can I remove interior borders in the map?

    Our map template comes with regions and border, you cannot remove the border, you can consider to set the same color for regions and border.

    If you would like to remove the border completely, customization is required.
  12. I am unable to add any points, lines, etc. When I click on this function it just is in a continual "think" mode and will not bring up the image to add my points.

    It maybe because you have updated the adobe flash player to version v10.1 or above.

    This problem is fixed from v4.25 or above of our software, please download the latest version and the problem will be solved.

    You can request the latest version here.

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